Recent work - October 2017

Here's another selection of images taken over the past few months. There's something about taking commissioned work out of context and with less explanation than with a typical blog post, and putting them into these 'mixed bag' posts. Especially those shots may have come from larger series, but which would have been picked here as being the most interesting, the most representative of the set etc. Without some blog-type explanation, they could be anything, so you can see them on their own merits rather than as the usual (and rather boring-sounding), "examples of commissioned work". 

Mixed bag 4_07.jpg
Mixed bag 4_03.jpg
Mixed bag 4_05.jpg
Mixed bag 4_02.jpg
 Scott Lloyd
Mixed bag 4_14.jpg
Mixed bag 4_15.jpg
Mixed bag 4_13.jpg
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Mousetrap Theatre Projects' mission is to get young people involved in theatre, and their focus is on disadvantaged youth (be those learning, economic or social difficulties). One of my favourite clients, they tirelessly work to offer a wide range of opportunities and activities, alongside regular education within schools and colleges. 

I covered two workshops for them recently. The first was an "Insight" session, a 90 minute pre-show workshop for students to get inside the creative process of putting a show together (here, for Brecht's Threepenny Opera at the National Theatre):

The other was coverage of part of the "SummerStage" program, where students work with professional dance and theatre professionals to put together and perform a show in the West End: