2012 in pictures

It's been months since my last post. Instead of my usual ramblings, I wanted to show you a small selection of the things I've been working on this year. 


This is a portrait I shot of actress Louise Torres Ryan:

2012xmas blog_01.jpg


This photograph was from an event by the charity AgeUK, who held their "Internet Champion of the Year" award at the Royal Society:

2012xmas blog_02.jpg


Since I'm in the AgeUK folder, this one's from a conference of theirs a few weeks later, here with chair Diane Jeffrey speaking:

ARP080312_AgeUK AfLL_Small127.jpg


Coca-Cola unveiled their 'Beat Fleet', a handful of customised, branded vehicles which were to accompany the Olympic torch on its relay around the country. This particular one blasted out music - and was the natural choice for the (inevitable) group photo. The picture below it shows all the vehicles together:

2012xmas blog_03.jpg
ARP160412_Beat Fleet_Small27.jpg

Sticking with the red theme, there was the Lloyds "Money for Life" challenge which took place at Wembley:

2012xmas blog_04.jpg


The 'Beatbox' (Coca-Cola's pavilion at the Olympic stadium) featured dozens of huge electronic panels designed by architects Pernilla Ohrstedt and Asif Khan. Putting your hands near, over, or on the surface created differing symphonies of incredible rhythmic sounds taken from Olympic sports (table tennis balls bouncing, feet pounding, arrows hitting a target). Very cool. Here they are with one of the panels:

2012xmas blog_05.jpg

Then there was a monthly food market, which needed a few stock images to help boost its profile:

2012xmas blog_06.jpg
2012xmas blog_07.jpg

And then there was a PR shoot for Sainsbury's (and yes, they are tomatoes). And below that, DFS opened a flagship store on Tottenham Court Road.

2012xmas blog_08.jpg
2012xmas blog_09.jpg


Here's one from Coca-Cola again. I was sent to photograph their operations at the Olympic park:

2012xmas blog_12.jpg
2012xmas blog_13.jpg

And there were some corporate portraits for a new client:

2012xmas blog_15.jpg


An event at Facebook's HQ in Covent Garden (I have since found it is impossible not to 'check-in' on a visit):


I covered the Havering show; here's a slideshow of a few photos from the day:


A product launch for Dell:


And I did some portraits for the charity, Tomorrow's People:

ARP12.09.24_Tomorrow's People_Web09.jpg
2012xmas blog_33.jpg


It started off with the "World Cafe", a conference idea I'd not seen before. Although I've already shown work for AgeUK, I wanted to put this up this because it was different, being comprised of a series of intimate four-to-a-table, round-table discussions with attendees continually changing places. Kind of like intellectual speed-dating.

2012xmas blog_36.jpg
2012xmas blog_34.jpg
2012xmas blog_35.jpg


Some portraits of a pianist and her trio:

2012xmas blog_38.jpg
2012xmas blog_39.jpg

A photography exhibition and a launch party:

2012xmas blog_40.jpg
2012xmas blog_41.jpg
2012xmas blog_42.jpg

A youth production of Watership Down:

I photographed a day care centre and a few of the volunteers, patrons and associates:

Lastly, The Mousetrap, the world's longest-running play, reached its 25,000th performance on its 60th anniversary. The mark the occasion, a one-off star-studded cast put on the show, all part of a fundraiser auction for the amazing Mousetrap Theatre Projects. The party continued at the Garrick club:


Just one I wanted to show for December - I had the delightful opportunity to spend a day photographing rare and valuable coins:

2012xmas blog_76.jpg
2012xmas blog_78.jpg

I very nearly forgot this last one from April - I gained a second photo assistant!

That's it from me! Have a great 2013 everyone.