Campaign portraits

Occasionally I'll send photos directly to a designer or retoucher straight from camera. Here are a couple of recent portraits to be used in an upcoming campaign.

They will likely be cropped to simple headshots and left on a white background, so while normally I wouldn't do any editing myself on these (especially as it wasn't required), I rather liked them and so had a play around with the background to make them presentable.

Whipps X-blog_01.jpg
Whipps X-blog_02.jpg

Photographing the photographer

Portraits of theatre and dance photographer Helen Maybanks. Photographers are typically difficult to photograph: as with shooting friends, you can't use patter, which comes across as fake. Moreover, there's an uncomfortably equal footing to it. It makes one's role in the situation less clear, the relationship (photographer - subject) less defined. Happily, Helen is extremely easy-going. She also has more ideas than I do, yet makes it seem the suggestions and solutions are mine.