View from the gods

I covered a 'Relaxed Performance' of Mamma Mia for Mousetrap Theatre Projects. These are for families who have children with special needs, and provide an opportunity for young people with autism, learning difficulties or other sensory and communication needs who require a more relaxed environment.

I've shot a few of these, and look for images of families enjoying the shows in the stalls, but usually the light drops off considerably beyond the fourth or fifth rows closest to the stage, and with limited access to shoot from the front (sometimes I'll shoot from a box, or in front of the edge of the stage), coverage can be quite tricky and limiting. 

This was taken from the gods - I'm not really sure why I was up there in the first place, as it's very dark - I'd enough of the usual images, and I often wander around locations for ideas, if I can. In any case, it hadn't occurred to me at all to look for silhouettes, but I noticed one boy dancing (something you wouldn't see usually - I imagine Abba fans can only tap their feet politely at a regular performance), but here everyone is free to express themselves. 

The performers themselves comment afterwards on the incredible energy in the audience, and the families have a fantastic experience, at what (I assume) must be a fairly rare opportunity for many.